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Month: August, 2009

Mini Vacation Over So Soon?

Spent two nights up in Manchester Vermont and got back home last night. I love me some vacation. I’m rather bummed to be home but to be honest, I ran out of cheese money on Tuesday. I will chalk this one up to just being lucky to get away from home at all. And I […]


Best of the Dump Rerun

I’m pretending I’m a radio show with a week vacation. Here’s a re-run “Best of the Dump” from 2005… What’s Lacking in My LifeYou know what is seriously ticking me off right now? That nowhere, and I mean nowhere, am I referenced as “an important voice of [my] generation.” What the hell is up with […]


Solving the World’s Problems, Yet Again

This time it’s not me, though. It’s The Boy. He starts 6th grade (Middle School!) in less than two weeks. In discussing how you have to pick a stereotypical [my term] group of friends to hang with, he defined the difference between geeks and nerds for me. Geeks are into gadgets and electronicsNerds are into […]


Jobu Loves Baseball – and So Do I

Man oh Man, I love Leominster during baseball season! Kicking ass and taking names we have the following status on Tournament Titles: Jimmy Fund Massachusetts Division 3 Tournament WinnersNorth Leominster 12sNorth Leominster 11s (Willie Sinclair Tournament)North Leominster 10s[The North Leominster 9s did a great job as well – barely missing the top in their championship […]


Congrats to the North Leominster 12 Year Old Jimmy Fund Team!

Congrats to North Leominster, winners of the newly-formed Massachusetts District 3 12-year-old division 2009 Jimmy Fund Championship! The team beat Athol 10-4 at Winchendon on Monday night to win the tournament. The local papers of course haven’t had any coverage of the game, so I thought I would at least mention in here, in case […]


Do Not Be Confused

It’s “Shark” week, not “Shart” week. I had to make this my Facebook status because it is important that people understand why my pants are all stained and stinky. I totally got the week wrong. Shart week is NEXT month. Duh. I do this every year. Thank God for this box of baby wipes. Let’s […]


The Horse I Wanted

Went horseback riding with my sister, her kids, their friend and my son. I knew they were going to have to give me a horse to fit my riding experience, so I picked this one. The kids all thought he was awesome. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let me have this one. Instead I got something akin […]


Testing the Keyboard Prior to Coffee

Yup, it appears to work. Strange, because normally I require some sort of caffeinated beverage to be able to string together letters into words. But no, this is working and I have not yet had my coffee. It could all fall apart any minute, though, so I’m going to end this test and grind up […]