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Month: April, 2009

Ode to the Wrong Shoes

Ode to the Wrong Shoes I wore the wrong shoes todayRight color, wrong brandMy eyes were tired and blurredwhen I reached into the closethoping for the bestI found them by touchand at first glancesaw brown shoes and ended my search.The cuffs of my pants hang lovinglyagainst the topBut Wait!These are the Wrong ShoesThey are not […]


Swan Flu Watch Continues

My bout with swan flu, characterized by an urge to eat Kettle Korn and a lack of energy when it comes to dragging my sorry ass out of bed in the morning, appears to be improving. I believe this can be attributed to my making a meal that involved cream of mushroom soup last night. […]


Vacation and the Swan Flu

I think I have swan flu. I’ve been reading about it in the paper, don’t you know. It sounds very bad but in reality, if you have swan flu you cough a lot and want to sleep in on Monday mornings. I have both of those symptoms. I’m very concerned that my swan flu will […]


Oh Lord, I’m Lazy

I’m typing this on my bed. Downstairs, gerbil Suzy is on her wheel, and the wheel is squeaking. But I don’t want to go downstairs to take the wheel out becausea) I don’t want to get out of bedb) I don’t want to go downstairsc) I don’t want to have to wash my hands after […]


Worst Reason to Cancel Baseball Practice

Junior has practice tomorrow. We heard it might snow. You know, people, by Tax Week, we should have all this snow nonsense behind us. [Yes, of course I know it’s not unheard of – our Lamaze class was filled with the result of the Unnamed 4/1 Snowstorm of ’97. Not us, we were due a […]


My New Favorite Paper

Picked up an eco-friendly notebook at Staples the other day because the paper was thin. I’m obsessed with thin paper. I like the way it sounds after you’ve written on it. [Yes, I’m odd. But you already knew that.] The cool thing about this notebook is that it was made in Egypt from bagasse, which […]


What If I’m Attacked By Wasps?

I tried my son’s shampoo today. It’s kid’s shampoo – watermelon “flavored”. I thought it might be a good idea because, well, it was 6 o’clock in the morning and that’s the kind of decision I make without coffee. It was sweet smelling. Not so much like watermelon as just sugary watermelon syrup smell. I […]