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Giving Up on Blogrolling

I tried to be patient, but it’s just not worth it. They got massively hacked last fall, it took six months for them to rebuild their site, and then they launched it, sort of. Kind of. Not all functionality works. If you don’t pay twenty bucks, whenever one of your readers clicks a link, it puts an ad at the top of the page you go to. Screw that, why should THEY get money because my readers clicked on a link I recommended? Bad bad bad bad business model.

The final straw is that I cannot log in. See, once upon a time when it was a decent service, you could pay for gold level service. Part of that was being able to have a username instead of using your email address. Now with the changes, they don’t seem to recognize my username. There is no way to get support. I cannot log in to make changes to my blogrolls. Which really don’t seem to be updating the way they are supposed to.

So I’m going to try to figure something out. I mean, I’d love to be able to use their product, but they have blown it big time. So I will no longer be displaying blogrolling links over on the right menu. I’m sure you’re all very sad about the page loading just that much faster, eh?


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  1. Those ads have been annoying me too. my blogroll used to be in alphabetical order now it isn’t. I managed to log in eventually and chose it to change as blogs updated, it did once and now it’s stuck. I like the new blogger widget so I might get rid of my blogroll altogether.
    th word verification is ‘deang’ – sort of fits

  2. I just lost patience with the whole thing. It shouldn’t have taken six months for them to fix it. They ticked off a LOT of people who never used blogrolling who suddenly saw a ton of their users coming in through a new referring [ad] site, and they were pissed because it was like their sites were hijaacked. I just got tired of waiting for them to fix things, and then when I tried to log in to clean up my rolls, it wouldn’t let me? Forget it. Done with them. I grabbed a copy of my current lists and I’ll just hard code them.