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I Am Ready For Toes

I was looking at my summer shoe pile the other day.

Me: Hey

White Nike Flip-Flops: Yo man!

Naturalizer Sandals: Oh sure, it’s okay to talk to us? Are you sure the leather Merrills you got two weeks ago would approve?

Me: Hey! No need to get mad at me! I’d wear you every day if I could!

Black Easy Sprit: Mm hmm

Me: What? You think I’m lying?

Brown Nike Flip Flops: I think if you meant it you would wear me right now.

Me: Right now, here in my room?

Brown Nike Flip Flops: no, to work.

Me: I can’t wear flip-flops to work.

White Nike Flip-Flop: [pout]

Me: if I wore you to work I would get frostbite on my toes and they’d try valiantly to save them but couldn’t and then I’d get the flesh-eating disease while in the hospital and lose my legs and then I could just throw you all out.

All: [Silence]

Me: I thought so. See you in a month or so.


2 thoughts on “I Am Ready For Toes

  1. Summer shoes are *way* more fun than winter ones.. My summer shoes are falling out of the shoe organizer on the closet door – I think that’s a subtle hint that they want OUT.

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