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Who Are They Marketing To?

I heard a commercial on regular radio today for XM/Sirius (or Sirius/XM, or Sexius. Hmmm. They should have called it Sexius.) They were trying to convince me to buy their service because of all the stations they provide, including, apparently, an all-Elvis station.

Okay, are there really that many people out there thinking that an all-Elvis station is the one thing they are missing from their lives? Do people even listen to Elvis in that kind of quantity anymore? I have no issue with a random Elvis song every once in a while, but an all-Elvis station would gnaw on my nerves pretty quickly. Also, the people who are paying for Sexius, are they in the Elvis target demographic? Elvis was popular 50 years ago. His original fan base is pushing 70 or even 80. Are they listening to WBCN in the afternoon, hearing the ad, and ordering satellite radio?

I mean, maybe they are. I was in it for Red Sox games and Opie and Anthony. Anything is possible.


3 thoughts on “Who Are They Marketing To?

  1. Hey, you never know. MY WIFE and I bought XM mainly for the old-time radio channel. The sports programming was a great bonus for me.

  2. I like XM (although we don’t have cars with receivers any more so we dropped the service) as much as the next guy, but really, an all-Elvis station? That they feature in the commercial? On WBCN?

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