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What Amazon Thought I wanted to buy

On the left are two photos I took with my iPhone and uploaded via the new iPhone Amazon App. Apparently a human looks at the photos of things you see that you might want to buy and tries to match the photo so something amazon sells. The items on the right are the things they felt best matched my photos.

What Amazon Thought I wanted to buy, originally uploaded byBig DumpTruck.

So it’s a fascinating application and use of human slaves at Amazon, but really, does my USB snowman really look that much like a cat?

No, I don’t think so. I looked myself in Amazon for the first item (I happen to know the manufacturer, which is cheating, yet) and found of of the various styles they sold:


2 thoughts on “What Amazon Thought I wanted to buy

  1. Nothing like “target” marketing. I guess they figure no one’s tastes will ever change over time. My Amazon account is fun, I let everyone order through it (Dad’s CCard of course) so the suggestions it comes back with are all over the place. Nine in Nails, then Beach Boys … Frankly getting a little sick of being a “target”. How about letting us just be flaky humans.

  2. Well, these aren’t targeted, it’s just someone trying to figure out what I took a photo of. It’s a pretty cool feature for a free application. I will admit I took pictures of things that I wasn’t sure it would be able to find.

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