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Me and the Big Meanie

Big Meanie is making me clean the house. Get rid of the clutter. Can you believe what a big meanie he is? Why, can’t you see I need all this stuff? Sure, that box of photos could be stored somewhere other than the living room, but what if I have an emergency need to look at myself wearing a wedding dress? You know? And at some point we may actually need all these candles. Sure, maybe not all at once, but you never know. We could have a need to simulate the set of Harry Potter. In fact, we would not even have enough candles to do that. I’d better go to the store.

Okay, maybe he’s not being a total Big Meanie. If I don’t clean up in here, there will be no room for the Christmas tree. That would be a most horrible horrible thing. Okay, so I should probably go finish my chores so that I’ll be allowed to fill the empty spaces with other things.