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Apples, Apples, Everywhere

Today was the day…Junior picked up the phone all by his lonesome and called my sister to ask her if she wanted to go apple picking. I can’t say I was upset, given that I love going apple picking more than I even like eating the apples after I’ve picked them. As I mentioned on Twitter earlier today, there was an unbelievable bumper crop of apples…more than I’ve seen in ages. We literally could have filled the bags on just the trees right next to the stand where you traded in your first born for a bag to fill. (Ya, it’s more expensive to buy an empty bag you have to fill yourself; on the other hand, my kid personally consumed about a pound of apples while we walked around.

I have a handful of some of the more interesting photos of the day up on flickr…

Unretouched Apple Red

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  1. My Dad used to love to go apple picking. Then he’d make his own applesauce and pies from them.

    I miss that.

  2. Where did you go? You can’t beat Sholan Farms.

    I too have a bag of apples in my fridge from when we went apple picking with Boo’s daycare. However, I’m not a huge apple fan, and neither is my husband.

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