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Two More Truths and One More Lie

I apologize for the missing blog posts. I was, uh….passed out from being closed up in a room with too much writing on the white boards. Which is not entirely untrue. I was closed up in a room, and there was too much writing, but most of it was on those ginormous Post-It Flip Charts.

Note to the white board marker people: There is no need to add scent to these things. The black marker doesn’t smell like chocolate mint. Please just stop it.

So the other day I thought of a “truth” that I figured nobody would buy. Those are the good ones, aren’t they? The problem is coming up with the other truth and the lie, enough to make them all sound plausible. Ready? Here we go.

1. I own four pair of green pants.
2. The song listed as having the most plays on my iPod is “Banjo Boy”.
3. My boss’s boss squeezed my “squishy stress dog” so hard it exploded on him, covering him with pink liquid.


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  1. True or not – the video this kicked off in my head made me LOL! Thanks! >>3. My boss’s boss squeezed my “squishy stress dog” so hard it exploded on him, covering him with pink liquid.

  2. Banjo Boy is by Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband, apparently a country band, and Banjo Boy was the iTunes free song of the week a billion years ago. I really enjoy that song, can’t really explain it. I never would have thought it was the most played, but there you go. It isn’t always the most played, but it was at the time I wrote the post. The song “In the Shadows” by the Rasmus (which I think was also a free download) is back in the #1 spot.

    Depending on how you define green, I have either 3 pair or 5 pair, but not four.

    My boss’s boss killed Squish E. Dawg (a prize in a department game of meeting bingo). He swears it wasn’t anything I said. It appears the seal on the bottom (where they added the liquid in the first place) let go. The carcass is currently on display on the top of my cube. I will try to take a picture.

  3. I love Banjo Boy too, a lot.

    “Only trouble is, I play the banjo!”

    On my iTunes, its play count is 35, but that does not even put it in the top 10.

    Top 10 play counts:

    Hey Rose, Girlyman (play count: 157)

    Kittery Tide, Girlyman (play count: 85)

    Gandhi/Buddha, Cheryl Wheeler (play count: 69)

    Floppy Tulips, Session Americana (play count: 65)

    I’m Alright, Kim Richey (play count: 64)

    The Absence of God , Rilo Kiley (play count: 63)

    Kindness, Erika Luckett (play count: 61)

    Mercy Now, Mary Gauthier (play count: 61)

    Enough Room For The Sun, Jess Klein (play count: 60)

    As Is, Ani DiFranco (play count: 55)

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