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This Day in History

Today is a good day. Many good things happened in history on this day. 11 years ago on this day I had dinner in the Houston airport. 14 years ago on this day I visited Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth NH. 15 years ago on this day we started a 10 day vacation at Walt Disney World.

See how great a day this is?

Oh the Disney thing? It was our honeymoon.

*smooches* to Mister Dump for 15 great (and interesting) years! (And they said I’d kill you in your sleep it wouldn’t last!! Ha! See how little they knew?)


5 thoughts on “This Day in History

  1. Well, unless you bought them for me (YOU’RE SO NICE!) I’m pretty sure they’re still sitting there…
    But thanks!

  2. Congrats !! I’m on 27 and we met 35 years ago… I was slow to come around to her way of thinking ! Finished 62 out of 120 on the Parker 2mi race at Devens. They also had a real Indian Pow-Wow there.. Interesting. Yes I took up foot
    running @ 52 yrs young and 115 lbs lighter. Jerry

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