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A Little Slice of Heaven at Home

I am a happy girl. I have in front of me

  1. My MacBook Pro with a wireless connection to the internet
  2. a cup of coffee that Mr. Dump made from whole Dunkin Donuts beans ground by the coffeemaker right before brewing
  3. a bowl of Special K Red Berries

All of these things made more special because I am enjoying my breakfast for the first time out on the deck. Goodbye, winter, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
breakfast on the deck


4 thoughts on “A Little Slice of Heaven at Home

  1. I did the same thing the last few days. However, I find it hard to see my screen outside on my stinkpad. I eat bran buds. Us ‘ol f@rts need fibre and I no longer do coffee, just plain tea. (I really do miss coffee). Down 113lbs so it’s working. Will be running the Race in Groton next weekend and I am sunburned pretty good for being out a couple of hours.
    LPD is off looking for someone around my neighborhood. Helicopter been flying around with a spotlight. Can’t tell what happened on the scanner though.

  2. So at what point will you have lost too much weight? 113 pounds! I could not see my monitor very well, to be honest. I was out there more for the atmosphere than to get anything done. Hope they caught your bad guy!

  3. ooh isn’t that DD coffee the best? Yum yum – love to grind the beans and make it fresh.. (Having some right now in fact!)

  4. 115 should be it.. Lost a whole person. My daughter says there are wanted posted all around the area now. So I guess they spotted some felon and still looking for him/her.. Take Care

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