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Stop Putting Songs in My Head!

Email friends of mine have successfully put the song “Brand New Key” into my head. It’s been there for two days. Stop it! Stop it!

I came up with a book title yesterday. I don’t have a book to go with it, but I’m giving the book title away for free. If you use it, be sure to at least send me a free copy of the book. And then I’ll pull a Wright on you and go on some anti-American rant and people will stand on your front lawn and yell things about you because you took my suggestion for the name of your book. HA! I will PWN you!

Here is the title:

English as a 10th Language

Okay, so go get writing. I’ll be sitting here thinking up titles. I’m working on one right now, the draft version is “English as an 11th Language.” Too clichéd?


4 thoughts on “Stop Putting Songs in My Head!

  1. The song by Melanie? The one on the record that came with this weird cover that you could make into a cube?

    I’ll trade you that earworm for “Build Me Up, Buttercup.”

    Man, kids today don’t know what they’re missing (hmm, somewhere up in the attic, I think we might still have Monty Python’s three-sided record).

  2. How about the comercial that goes… F R E E that spells free, credit report dot com baby…. I have a video of Rae lip syncing the whole comercial.
    As far as book titles, how about
    “English the Other language”

  3. They just brought back the wrigley doublemint commercials with the cute girls. Took most of the 70s (and a few college binges) to get that jingle out of my head and now it’s back haunting me.
    I had an English teacher who in class spent 10 min on that subject, then went off talking about major civil engineering projects. Guess he didn’t cut it as an engineer. Jerry

  4. The whole lot of you, why do you torture me so? Don’t you know how fragile I am when it comes to these things?

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