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"I Am Not a Dude!"

Oh, sir, but you are!

After watching the amateur footage the kids shot of the cop going apeshit on them for “being disrespectful” (um, dude, I’m pretty sure asking the kid if he was from county was pretty disrespectful as well. Let’s just say kids learn by example, shall we?) at my house we are now dude-ing each other constantly. And at random intervals, one of use says “I am NOT A DUDE” just to balance things out.

Think about how these kids were treated. I don’t believe this is a very unusual interaction, either. I can’t imagine that this cop would have treated a group of adults the same way.

I’m glad they caught him on tape doing this so he can be disciplined in whatever way is appropriate. I do not want my kids to grow up hating the police and thinking of them as the enemy, as the kids in this tool’s jurisdiction certainly did. Getting headlocked and thrown to the ground for “disrespecting” the uniform? Dude, you need to get a freaking grip.

Regardless of how you feel about the way the 14 year old responded to the cop, his reaction was in no way appropriate. Dude.

(The video is currently available at the ABC News website:

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cardinal on ice

cardinal on ice, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

Another great weather day here in lovely Leominster. In case I forgot to mention it early, I AM DONE WITH WINTER!

This photo was taken with my little point and shoot. I snapped a couple before running upstairs to get my longest lens, and he flew off before I could get the darned thing on the camera. Fine, be that way, Mr. “I’m really pretty and you aren’t”.

Can someone remind me about this when I’m complaining about the heat this summer? Thanks

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Invisible Bully Tricks

I seem to recall seeing something on television (No! Really?) where a bully would wet his finger or thumb with saliva and then rub the thumb on the glasses of the nearest glasses-wearing nerd. Such fun for the nerd! Bully spit at close view!

Today my right contact lens feels like someone did the same thing. Is it possible to have a finger print on a contact lens? I need to go check it out before my 10am meeting, because I don’t want to spend two ours with a Popeye-like squint on my face. Sure, maybe if I had a pipe and a can of spinach, but not without my props, thanks.

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I Got That Feeevah

Okay, not me, Junior. Although he seems to be doing better today than yesterday. But he can’t go back to school tomorrow because he had a fever today. He’s actually upset that he can’t go to school, not because of his burning love of school work and math lessons, but because he misses his friends. And apparently at aftercare he was supposed to join a club somehow related to Tech Decks (those little tiny skateboards). I don’t have all the details on that one, but I’m sure I’ll hear all about it eventually.

I am about done with the children’s programming. He had no interest in doing anything but crashing on the couch. I made him watch the Food Network for a while thinking that it might help him take a nap but he actually got more animated and chatty about Rachel Ray’s cooking show than he did about any cartoon. (We came to an agreement that no way no how would we want to eat the “hot dog salad” she made today. Gah.)

So wish us luck. I have to have my mom watch him tomorrow and I didn’t want to do that but maybe he’s getting past the contagious stage. Mr. Dump and I are convinced we won’t be able to avoid getting what he has, based on the past three days. Yay.