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Month: February, 2008


Today’s post is brought to you by Noah’s Ark Waders, the finest waders available for your 40 days and nights of rain needs. ==== I got a new phone over the weekend. Actually, technically, I got two because I got one on Saturday and changed it for a different one on Sunday. I am loving […]


Happy birthday JPDLF!

Step-Junior turned 17 today and that means cakeses for everyone. We loves us some cakeses. As birthday boy he got to choose the flavor, so we had spice cake with cream cheese frosting. Wednesday is Mr. Dump’s birthday so maybe we will have brand new cake in two days. I wonder what flavor he’ll pick?


Catch it and run!

Let’s go Pats! So far, the Bridgesone screaming animals commercial is my favorite. Pepsi Max wasn’t bad…