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Invisible Bully Tricks

I seem to recall seeing something on television (No! Really?) where a bully would wet his finger or thumb with saliva and then rub the thumb on the glasses of the nearest glasses-wearing nerd. Such fun for the nerd! Bully spit at close view!

Today my right contact lens feels like someone did the same thing. Is it possible to have a finger print on a contact lens? I need to go check it out before my 10am meeting, because I don’t want to spend two ours with a Popeye-like squint on my face. Sure, maybe if I had a pipe and a can of spinach, but not without my props, thanks.


One thought on “Invisible Bully Tricks

  1. Wife’s bugging me to get contacts.. I don’t hear much good about them, seems to be an addt’l pain….GL

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