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I Got That Feeevah

Okay, not me, Junior. Although he seems to be doing better today than yesterday. But he can’t go back to school tomorrow because he had a fever today. He’s actually upset that he can’t go to school, not because of his burning love of school work and math lessons, but because he misses his friends. And apparently at aftercare he was supposed to join a club somehow related to Tech Decks (those little tiny skateboards). I don’t have all the details on that one, but I’m sure I’ll hear all about it eventually.

I am about done with the children’s programming. He had no interest in doing anything but crashing on the couch. I made him watch the Food Network for a while thinking that it might help him take a nap but he actually got more animated and chatty about Rachel Ray’s cooking show than he did about any cartoon. (We came to an agreement that no way no how would we want to eat the “hot dog salad” she made today. Gah.)

So wish us luck. I have to have my mom watch him tomorrow and I didn’t want to do that but maybe he’s getting past the contagious stage. Mr. Dump and I are convinced we won’t be able to avoid getting what he has, based on the past three days. Yay.


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