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Dreaming of Far Away Places and Room Service

Uh oh, I had one of those vacation dreams again. Usually it’s a dream about being at a place that is sort of supposed to be WDW according to the dream but really is nothing like WDW. And that’s okay because then I can tell people that I DO go on vacations to places other than WDW and the Cape. I go to wherever this place in my dreams is (I have for quite some time dreamt about the same basic place, although some details change).

I wish that would refresh me mentally the way a real vacation would, because I don’t see a vacation looming on the horizon.

Unless one of you wants to loan me your timeshare. My preferences are

  • someplace warm
  • someplace fun
  • I won’t have to sleep on the couch because you just asked your mom if I could crash at their house in Tempe Arizona for a few days.

4 thoughts on “Dreaming of Far Away Places and Room Service

  1. I’m watching yet again the white cr@p from the sky fall down. We’re all getting pretty sick of this weather.
    Wish there was a “vacation” pill, take it and you feel warm, get the smell of salt air and forget all your cares. I know of a pill that does first and last item, have to work on the second. Jerry

  2. This weather sucks. I have yet another sinus infection, and I had to cancel my appointment because my street was an ice slick this morning. Thank goodness I convinced the doc to call in the good drugs for me. Why couldn’t maternity leave happen in the summer?

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