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The Value of Hiring Proofers

Junior has inherited my poor spelling skills, if the test I had to sign today because the score was so bad is any indication. I seem to have forged out a life for myself despite the fact that I had to use spell check to make sure I spelled “despite” correctly. (I did.)

Of course, out in the real world, being a lousy speller can embarrass you in front of millions. Check out this ABC News Headline (from their RSS feed, captured on Google)

Stox? Is this person a Boston native? Because yes, I do find myself having a bit of a problem if I have to write the word “socks” when not referring to the local baseball team.


One thought on “The Value of Hiring Proofers

  1. My uncle is a retired English teacher and what goes on today burns him up. I even found a Chrysler ad that had a spelling mistake in it. Unfortunately I did not keep the jpg.

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