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Winding Up or Down

I think I ate too much sugar today. I was eating gumballs. Ya, you know you wish you had a box of gumballs! But I’ve had about 10 of them and they are not playing nice with my lunch. Well, not the gumballs themselves, I throw that out when they flavor is gone. The sugar though. Or maybe it’s just my lunch. Damned cafeteria food. Always attacking delicate little me.

I’m several thousand words behind on NaNoWriMo and I’ve only processed Disney photos from a single day of vacation.

I’m such a slacker.

The good news is that I didn’t have an cavities Tuesday night, in spite of my gumball addiction, and my annual boob-squishing went off without a hitch and the radiologist said I’m good to go for another year. So that’s a dental visit and a mammogram in the same week. Oh, and I need to see the eye doctor tonight for my contact lens fitting.

I should have scheduled a pap smear and had my taxes done. Sheesh.


3 thoughts on “Winding Up or Down

  1. Love your write up… The other day I thought I would try some sugar free jelly beans. Says 40% less calories. I didn’t the fine print about it being a laxative, found out the hard way. I found another use of them, my daughter was hanging with this guy I could not stand. I made sure I offered him some sugar free jelly beans. At least that time it was a short date. haha

    I hate all the medical tests too, including for your 50th birthday you get to celebrate it with a colonoscopy. Not fun, esp when they don’t give you enough anesthesia and you wake up in the middle of it. I couldn’t understand what was on the TV in front of me.. then you feel OUCH ! … Gosh don’t get me started. Jerry

  2. Ouch ouch ouch on both counts! I would also recommend not eating a half pound of chocolate covered raisins in one sitting. Regardless of the candy quality, it’s a half pound of raisins.

    Both would probably be good before the colonoscopy, though, right?

  3. I keep reading posts reminding me that I’ve got a whole bag of packets of jelly beans leftover from halloween. I can’t eat them because it’s impossable to falsify my glucose reading.

    I’m doing my ‘well woman’ tests in reverse order to you – so far so good.

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