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I Do Get to Carbo Load, Right?

Competition # 2 is tomorrow, so we need to carbo load, right? Right? Cause that’s what you do before the big competition, right? You eat carbs because of some kind of thing your body does and it needs it, I guess.

I haven’t figured that out because I was on South Beach and they said [bad] carbs are bad because they peak and drop really quickly. Oh, and then they stick to your hips and throw spitballs at you. So even assuming you carbo loaded whole wheat pasta (Ya, right), how is that going to help you 12 hours later? Wouldn’t you be better off having a pancake breakfast that morning?

Also (as we cover a lot of important questions today), in the movie Shrek, don’t Shrek and Fiona torture some frogs, by turning them into balloons? Minimally, that is because I can’t remember what they ate roasted over the fire.

So when it turns out her father John Cleese was really a frog – where was the continuity person? I’m distressed.


4 thoughts on “I Do Get to Carbo Load, Right?

  1. Carbs give you more endurance & recommended for exercises of longer than 90 minutes. Pasta supposed to work up to 24 hours ahead of time. Bad carbs jump your sugar up and down real quick, but carbs also stores as glycogen in the muscles that improves performance. Wonder if that is also true for mental gymnastics ? You need to exercise otherwise it will settle in all the wrong places on your body.
    Sorry can’t stand Shrek… Poor taste in my book.
    I am down 85+ pounds now, running 3-4mi a day @ Doyle in the morning. Yes, even in light rain and those 25 deg mornings. Never felt better, lost a whole foot on my waist. Target 100lbs off looking doable and ok by doc. One of my coworkers is a size 2 and little over 100lbs total. Funny loosing weight equal to someone else’s total weight.

  2. Oh my God, you’re my hero! 85 pounds…I can’t even fathom it! I think you are just an inspiration to us all!

  3. I just signed up to run the Andover Feaster Five 5K road race on thanksgiving day. haha.. We’ll see.

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