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Trick or Treat Rundown

Okay, we won’t be giving away Junior Mints because we bought them too early and ate them all. We’re only human, you know. We tried to buy something Mr. Dump doesn’t like so that they’d stand a chance of lasting until the 31st, which meant Peanut Butter Cups and Kit Kats were right out.

How was I supposed to know he liked Junior Mints? He never buys them or anything.

At Target we found these little plastic gliders for the same price as candy. I figure giving a kid an airplane is probably better than giving jawbreakers, right?

And that way there’s more candy for me.


5 thoughts on “Trick or Treat Rundown

  1. For shame, Jody! Even a pregnant woman knows not to eat the trick or treat candy! I bought mine a week ago and it sits, pristine on my shelf.

  2. Our trick is not open the bag and put the candy in the candy bowl. If we put it in the bowl before the big day, it’s over. It’s tucked away in the guest room closet for now. Not to be taken out til 10/31… 😉

  3. My daughter one time opened each bag before Halloween when us parents were not around and munched down a few from each. I noticed the candy missing, but the trash had no wrappers. Well one day wife decides to lift her bed up and vacuum, wrappers plugged up the hose there was so many. Oh well. BTW found another nice place to eat/hang out. Latazza’s across from the post office. Everything authentic Italian: cordials, espresso, cappuccino, paninis, gelato, and desserts from North End. Usually open 2nd half of the week. I have no financial interest here, just passing it along for the enjoyment of others… Jerry

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