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Oh My Good Lord, He’s Psychic!

Mr. Dump is.

Remember a long time ago I wrote about how he faked everyone at TGI Friday’s out by saying a story on the TV was about drug-sniffing bees? And we all got a good laugh when he said he’d made it up?

There’s a story on Gizmodo today about a device people are using along with bees trained to sniff drugs. Or bombs. Or bad novels.

Holy crap, someone must have read my website last February and decided to make this idea a reality. I should sue these people and make a lot of money! Go me! And go Bees!


2 thoughts on “Oh My Good Lord, He’s Psychic!

  1. They must have read your blog first.

    I hate the thought of bees being taped up like that, perhaps they could have made tiny leashes for them?

  2. Bees seem to sniff me out pretty much most of the time, I don’t do drugs, bombs or bad novels (in fact been about 2 years since I read a book).
    I am sick of the cold already… Jer

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