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I Wanted to Prove I Stayed Up

The look on Pap’s face mirrors how I feel right about now. And I want to point out that I did take a picture of him standing there in a jock strap but Mr. Dump posted the picture he took on his iPhone over on Red Sox Soul because he got to the computer first and I didn’t want you to think I was copying him.


4 thoughts on “I Wanted to Prove I Stayed Up

  1. We decided instead of real costumes at next week’s Halloween party at Disney we’d go as Red Sox nation. All 6 of us will wear Sox tshirts and possibly temporary tatoos. Woo Hoo! And my whole family (well, the adults) got all teary looking at your photos of WDW after the Sox won the series. It was especially nice since we were at WDW a few weeks earlier when we beat the Yankees. Good times.

  2. I love Jon. There’s some great video out there of him dancing like a fool on the field. We too wanted to go to bed but stayed up to watch (although I have no photographic proof), and I am glad we did.

  3. I love watching these guys go crazy. Really and honestly nuts, not caring what people think. And of course, I noticed my boyfriend Mike Lowell spent a lot of his time with the fans, because he is the awesomest.

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