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Causing a Fumble

It’s Sunday in New England, so you either go to a fair, go apple picking, or go to a football game. We chose the last option (although we passed about a billion people at Bolton Orchards. There were so many people there (I assume because they had the hot donuts sign out front – the Lions Club makes ’em right in front of you. Mmmm) that it didn’t even occur to us to stop. Even though I love little lard balls.

My nephew is number 92. He’s amazing, even if they didn’t put him in enough for anyone’s tastes. Let me put it this way…they put him in for a total of 6 plays. Two of those plays, his name got announced because he made the tackle. What does that tell you about his mad football skillz? In this blurry shot (hey, a 200mm lens all the way out trying to follow the action? I’m only human) he takes down number 11 and causes him to fumble. Woo!

causing a fumble, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.


2 thoughts on “Causing a Fumble

  1. Glad your nephew is doing well and I hope he gets his share of playing time.

    My soft spot at fairs is fried dough although hot donuts sounds real good too but not compatible with my diet anymore.

    I am closing in on 80lbs off since
    Dec ’06 and starting to run again, tearing up Doyle field in the morning.. Feels good.. Jerry

  2. You are my hero! Holy crap, 80 pounds! You must be invisible! (I’ve lost 3 pounds in the past, um, year. But wait, I’d gained 8, so nevermind.)

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