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That Sobbing Sound Is Me

Okay, I’m not that bad. Well, I did throw my arm across my forehead like a 1930s movie star when I saw how much laundry I have to do, the lack of food in the fridge, and the fact that the upstairs toilet doesn’t want to flush. You know, all the goodness of home!

I’m pulling the final vacation photos off the cards right now. We stopped for lunch in Sandwich (heh) and Mr. Dump requested water view dining, which over the course of the week cost the 7 of us approximately $400 for two meals (including a lunch where two of us had tuna melts), so you know I was a little apprehensive.

We were headed for a place we ate lunch at in 2005, but we spotted “Seafood Sams” in the same area and decided that would be a much cheaper choice. And it was. Food was pretty good (clam strips and FANTASTIC ONION RINGS) with a view of the channel, so we saw boats going by, including a tugboat hauling ass and a very large ship that we couldn’t figure out for the life of us. It looked like it had HVAC stuff on the deck, so we decided it was full of frozen fish. We have no idea if we were right, but who is going to tell us it wasn’t?

Mr. Dump let me take a bunch of photos in the marina and on the canal, thus ending my vacation with a little photo shoot that actually made me feel happy because it meant that my day included something other than packing and driving home.

On the canal I spotted a ginormous yacht…I mean, words don’t do this thing justice. I made sure I got a picture with the name of it so I could look it up. I’m on the website right now, looking at the photos of the interior, and it’s enough to make you ill with envy. The funny thing was that this yacht was towing a boat that most of us could never afford. Sort of like a million dollar motor home towing a BMW behind it. So here is my photo of the yacht, along with the link to the info about her.

Lohengrin, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.


4 thoughts on “That Sobbing Sound Is Me

  1. Wow, room for 10 crew, that’s my kind of boat, with a bit of eye candy on the voyage.

    I couldn’t help wondering what they’ll make of all those dump truck people visiting when they see their stats…

  2. Isn’t it AMAZING? I can’t find the name of the owner anywhere…they list a holding company in the Cayman Islands.

  3. I am sure they want more than just you not knowing who owns this huge rig.. Now rich people like that need to spread a bit of the wealth around to a few folks like us….

    ps – son is pretty much finished with uploading his coast to coast bike trip pics. ..Finished up on the west lawn of the Capital Building… CU

  4. A lot of people I know own boats. Some are quite large, some small; but there is one thing they have in common — they are for sale.

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