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Scofflaw, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

The place we’re staying is surrounded by killer rabbits. At least, that’s what we call them. Actually, now we call them the No Trespassing Rabbits because obviously they don’t care for our signs and warnings.

So far we’ve seen a ton of rabbits, a doe, and a fox. Deb thought there was a fishercat sort of growling in the tall grass near the house, but we don’t have a visual confirmation on that. It definitely wasn’t a rabbit. Well, it could have been a killer rabbit, I suppose.

Last night we had a pouring rainstorm (we estimated about an inch of rain based on what was inside a large plastic bin we had out on the deck and had emptied earlier in the day. This morning it’s just dank and foggy and we all feel completely wet. They say there will be sun later today, but it may rain again. That’s okay, we haven’t been to a Christmas Tree Shop yet, plus we still need to find some pirate ships that will actually float in the water. You know, the life of a vacationing 9-year-old is a busy one.

[More pictures uploaded, including another version of the sun behind clouds photo from Sunday]


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