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Happy Fun Food

You can have my 100 Calorie Lorna Doone shortbread cookie crisps when you pry them from my cold, dead hands.

What you have here are animal crackers for grownups, people. Do you hear me? 100 calorie packs of sweet, buttery goodness.

Go. You can thank me later.


6 thoughts on “Happy Fun Food

  1. They sound wonderful.

    Important question: Has the M&Ms McFlurry disappeared in the States too?
    I am heartbroken.

  2. Anji! Anji!!!!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT????

    Oh my gosh, I just asked Mr. Dump (because I don’t usually go to McD’s) and he said the last time I went to buy one they said they didn’t have them, but he said they made it sound like they’d eventually be back. Oh my gosh, the fact that I can’t get one means I REALLY want one.

    Now I’m sad.

  3. All this talk of food makes me hungry. I been munching lately on “Belly Flops”. They are “irregular” sugarless Jelly Bellies… Jerry

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