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day one – sun rays

day one – sun rays, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

Hello everybody! It’s day two here at the Cape, but the photo I’m sharing was from day one. Your best bet for following along with us on vacation is to keep an eye on my Flickr page, because I’ll be uploading photos every day but I won’t be posting all of them on the Big DumpTruck.

Yesterday the humidity followed us down to the Cape, and it was just gross-sticky, but today it’s GAW-JUSS down here. The kids and my BIL and Sister went for a bike ride, and I took a walk down to one of the little beaches where I got fantastic photos last year. This morning there were too many boats to get a good shot (I’ll take what I can get, if I’m stuck with the 2005 photos, that’s okay) but I found a little field with all these amazing flowers in them!


4 thoughts on “day one – sun rays

  1. What a beautiful shot! I’d set that as my wallpaper when I got home so I could remember the vaca.

  2. Thanks guys. Christine, either that one or 200+ others I’ve taken so far. Anonymous, I was trying to spend as little time processing photos as possible, so I probably could tweak that one a bit. If I do, I’ll upload it to my flickr account.

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