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Killing Time Waiting for UPS

UPS is bringing me that book that I promise I won’t talk about for at least the next 5 days. Okay, fair enough? I will not talk about it, and I would ask you to do the same with your comments. Nothing until, let’s say, Wednesday t 3pm. Is that long enough? It should be, even if you didn’t pre-order a copy or haven’t gone out to get one yet. And when I do talk about it, I won’t put it in the post title or the first paragraph, so you kids with RSS readers or what have you won’t have to drop me from your feed. Aren’t I nice?
Mine is coming, but I need to go to Target and you KNOW there will be a display of them. Will I have the self-control to not buy a copy?

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Count the Chucks

Dump friend Chuck of Unbecoming Levity took “one” of the coolest photos I’ve seen in forever. I have to go try to do the same thing, that’s how cool it is. I think it’s going to take some planning, to find a place where there won’t be a lot of background activity, and to take it at a time when the light won’t be rapidly changing (so midday). Go right now and check out the photo. It’s VERY cool.

(His site gives the final Chuck count. Junior spotted one that I missed.)

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What Other Pot Can We Stir?

Welcome Heathen-Seeker! I really do appreciate all the traffic being funnelled my way by the website that sent you here. I don’t have any real plans to pimp my children out for the sake of a charity car wash, just in case that wasn’t clear. I don’t believe in car washes. On the other hand, I would allow any cute child of mine to open a charity lemonade stand on a busy street.

I kid!

No, I’m not about pimping my children. I’m not interested in short term rentals. The real money is in selling your children outright.

I kid again!

Here are important things that I would like to share with the hoard of Catholics (or is that a “pew of Catholics?”) wandering through the front door:

  • Dubble Bubble white gumballs are pineapple flavored.
  • Disney’s Meteos game boy game is very very hard so why make a Disney flavor that implies it’s for kids? The Winnie the Pooh level is a killer!
  • Mr. Dump made American Chop Suey for dinner. He’s my hero.
  • I wouldn’t be sad if Barry Bonds retired before breaking the record.
  • I’m confused. El Presidente said we were fighting this war to make America safer. So then why have the Al Qaeda reformed and possibly moved terror cells back into the US, putting us in the same danger we were pre-9/11 if…and I hesitate to even suggest it…the war in Iraq has nothing to do with Al Qaeda because the Iraqis didn’t have anything to do with 9/11?
  • CNN – you stink. What the hell is up with the new redesign? There is less branding (and useful information) on there now than there is on my website! And if you don’t cut the crap with the video-only stuff I’m going to scream. Don’t you even care about the millions of people who want to check the news at work and have video streaming blocked? I’m done with you. I’m going to have to go somewhere else to get my news and that’s a sad, sad thing.
  • The Vicar of Dibley – how come nobody told me about this show? I adore Dawn French!
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How to Run a Carwash

Mr. Dump has decided that if your youth group is going to have a
successful car wash you need a minimum of 30 (!) volunteers divided into
two lines with different people given wash, rinse and dry roles.

I said that if you had 6 really cute girls you'd be all set. He pointed
out that unless severly disfigured, most guys think *any* 16 year old
girl is cute. I have to agree with this theory. But I don't know if you
can staff all 30 positions with cute girls. As long as you have a couple
of them holding signs on the road, you'll suck people in behind the
school where you can actually have boys do the heavy work.

Good thing we have no reason to run a charity car wash. I don't have 30
volunteers lying around.

Does anyone else have this kind of oddball discussion?

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Ride ‘Em Schoolboy

Everyone is showing off the quality of the photos taken with their
iPhones, so I feel I should share a photo I took with my SideKick of Junior on an
inflatable bucking bronco. We did this at the Oak Ridge Farm Stand when
they had their strawberry festival. It’s not as good as the ones taken with an iPhone, but it’s not awful.