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Is It Wednesday Yet?

Sheesh, this is taking forever! I’ll be good, though.

Hey, that book I talk about below? The author really really hates Disney. Like, REALLY hates them. So now I’m sort of on the fence about recommending the book. Okay, I’m still enjoying the book but I think Mr. Anti-Disney (“Too bad that inferno is now burning up the whole Sunshine State” – said in reference to the spark that ignited Disney’s theme park flame.)

So the point I’d like to make to the author is that if it weren’t for the major attractions in Orlando, most of these roadside oddities would suffer from a large lack of visitors. Instead, people like me planning a trip down to see the mouse will buy his book to look for other places to visit while I’m down there. Do you really think a family from Massachusetts would plan an entire trip to see the Indian River Citrus Museum?


2 thoughts on “Is It Wednesday Yet?

  1. I know not everyone likes Disney (especially not as much as me) but I get annoyed with the Disney haters, too.

    My inlaws spend the winter in Clearwater and my husband loves the local citrus plant (fresh squeezed oj and oj ice cream twists) very very very much. Not enough to plan a trip around, but it is a must do when we are there. so go figure!

    Less than 70 days until we head to WDW! Woo Hoo!!!

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