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How to Run a Carwash

Mr. Dump has decided that if your youth group is going to have a
successful car wash you need a minimum of 30 (!) volunteers divided into
two lines with different people given wash, rinse and dry roles.

I said that if you had 6 really cute girls you'd be all set. He pointed
out that unless severly disfigured, most guys think *any* 16 year old
girl is cute. I have to agree with this theory. But I don't know if you
can staff all 30 positions with cute girls. As long as you have a couple
of them holding signs on the road, you'll suck people in behind the
school where you can actually have boys do the heavy work.

Good thing we have no reason to run a charity car wash. I don't have 30
volunteers lying around.

Does anyone else have this kind of oddball discussion?

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7 thoughts on “How to Run a Carwash

  1. I also have those kinds of weird discussions. I spent a half hour on a road trip with a friend working out the differences between “henchmen” and “minions.”

  2. Let me know when, I’ll bring my fleet down. Can I get a volume discount ?
    I remember when it was special to have a car in the family. Now each person HAS to have one (or will soon). Going through the 16 yr old daughter having driving lessons now. Wish I had a few valiums…
    BTW – nice pic from Fri the 13th. I saw the sky but was not as nice as your shot.

  3. I definitely do. I once asked my dad how many toes he thought there were in the world. 🙂

    Hey, how many customers you think you’d get if you got Paris Hilton to wash the cars like in the BK commercial?

  4. My two cents: Seriously, I do not think that girls should be used as sex objects to raise money.

  5. How about leaving the sex out of it altogether and promoting the CHARITY as the reason to get the car washed?

  6. You guys have an awesome sense of humor.

    Yes, let’s leave sex out of it. Of course, someone needs to tell that to the girls, who dress in similar provocative manner down at the mall where I don’t *think* they’re trying to raise money. Although I’ve seen them try to sweettalk a free Orange Julius out of the boy worker bees.

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