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Worst News of the Day

The news that Opie and Anthony were given a one month suspension for something one of their guests said on A SATELLITE NETWORK THAT DOES NOT HAVE TO CONFORM TO FCC RULES has blown my head clear off my body.

I’m very very unhappy. Very.


4 thoughts on “Worst News of the Day

  1. I am a big fan of the Free FM version of the show (I’m good on the not swearing and other stuff they do on XM). But it is the principle of it all. I’m getting very upset by all the censorship people are tossing around with wild abandon, and the fact that we as Americans aren’t outraged that a few people are capable of impacting what the rest of us can see, hear and read.

  2. Anybody who has followed O&A knows that they have sporadic episodes of career suicide. Not long ago, they were talking about one day saying something on air that would wind up terminating their Free FM show; and then they added “but then we can always go back to XM”.

    I’m sure the fact that this action is coming from XM came as a surprise to them….

  3. I think it’s come as a surprise to a lot of us. It appears that they were suspended not for what they said, but for commenting about it afterwards. At least, that’s what I’m seeing on some industry blogs.

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