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Where Are the Lobster Donuts?

You know, how sometimes you link hop on the internet and end up on the Dunkin Donuts website? Ya, that happens to me all the time. So I looked up one of my favorite flavors, and found out something truly startling. STARTLING! Are you ready?

Chocolate Cream Filled Donuts do not contain crustaceans.


7 thoughts on “Where Are the Lobster Donuts?

  1. If McDonalds can do a lobster roll, I am sure Dunkin can do a lobster donut.. I was wonder why they call them tree nuts.. I thought all nuts grow on trees.. ?
    CU Jerry

  2. Peanuts grow underground, no? I assume they are making that distinction. Probably the allergies are slightly different. Maybe some people with peanut allergies can eat almonds, or vice versa.

  3. Yes, the allergies to peanuts and tree nuts are unrelated. I am in a homeschool group and we have some folks with peanut allergies, and others with tree nut allergies. I feel for the poor parents, having to read all the fine print.

    I wonder why in the world “crustaceans” is a catagory of ingredients on DD??

  4. I have never let my allergy to tree nuts interfere with my DD visitation rights.

    And I have the girth to prove it!

  5. Today I ate a lobster salad donut sandwich. yes that’s right, two donuts with lobster salad filling. the donuts weren’t even plain glazed. so delicious. check out my youtube video soon to follow.

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