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Month: May, 2007

My Favorite News Story of the Day

Apparently some dude in Texas stole $250,000 worth of Skittles. You almost don’t need to add any commentary to a story like that, do you? $250k worth of candy. That’s the value of the 28 pallets of Skittles that were in the truck. That’s a lot of money. I can just hear what people are […]


Modern Day Annoyances

Mr. Dump called me from Aubachon Hardware (on Rt 12/North Main Street) to tell me that fire engines from 4 different communities appeared to be dealing with something near the Fitchburg line. Like near the MART garage. There was no smoke, but there were fire engines and ambulances. There is no way on the planet […]


Taking Things Seriously

Taking Things Seriously, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck. Yes, those are two birdy/shuttlecocks in that photo. At one point they were trying to have four going at the same time. You have to imagine it was dangerous being near those rackets. I was smart enough to stand in the back with the camera, which gave […]


What Not To Do

I have decided to pass along some wise words of wisdom [modesty!] to all of you today. You can thank me later, by showering me with Nerds and other appropriate offerings. (The good offerings would be the ones that fit on the front of a Canon XTi, you know, to clarify.) Let’s just say you’re […]


When Renewal is Just Handed to You

I was thinking of not renewing my domain because I actually haven’t used it. I will admit, in trying to create the perfect site I sandblasted the WordPress templates and style sheets to bits, and then ended up with redirects not working properly, among other things. It’s a mess. I did have a lot […]


Look Back at My Childhood

Do you Hanker for a Hunka Cheese? Oh my gosh, look at the production values on this puppy! And yet, five billion years later, I still have this song memorized, and sometimes it leaks out of my ears. And stuff. I found this via Huxtabled, which I found because C. Monks of Utter Wonder has […]


Worst News Story of the Year

I call this one even though there are plenty of months left in the year. Not for the squeamish. Then again, it’s right there on CNN, so go ahead and just try to avoid this one. Icky Icky Spider Story (You have been warned) I need to go have a lie-down.


ball field, 8:00am

ball field, 8:00am, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck. 8:00am. That’s early on a Saturday. Hell, it’s early on a Tuesday. Our team had the 8:00am practice slot today, so off we went, coffee in hand. It was much warmer than I’d expected, given how chilly it was during the game last night. It was actually […]


First Week of May Snack Reviews

I know you’ve been waiting for these. You’ve probably been asking yourself “Hey Me, how do I know what to buy if Jody doesn’t provide me with her personalized snack reviews?” I apologize. You’re right, I should have been more proactive about this. Did I just say proactive? Man, I need to get out of […]