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Month: May, 2007

My Favorite News Story of the Day

Apparently some dude in Texas stole $250,000 worth of Skittles. You almost don’t need to add any commentary to a story like that, do you? $250k worth of candy. That’s the value of the 28 pallets of Skittles that were in the truck. That’s a lot of money. I can just hear what people are saying as they read this story.

You know, back when I was a kid, $250k would have bought you a lot more
than 28 pallets of Skittles. You could have gotten 50 pallets of Skittles, plus 10 pallets of Squirrel Nut Zippers, 10 pallets of Sugar Daddys, 15 pallets of candy cigarettes and 10 dozen cases of Moxie to wash ’em down. Candy prices these days…it’s highway robbery! [sic]

The thing that I was wondering about is that there’s a need for a tractor trailer truck with only Skittles on it. Nothing else? Not even a pack of gum or 3000?


Modern Day Annoyances

Mr. Dump called me from Aubachon Hardware (on Rt 12/North Main Street) to tell me that fire engines from 4 different communities appeared to be dealing with something near the Fitchburg line. Like near the MART garage. There was no smoke, but there were fire engines and ambulances.

There is no way on the planet to find out what is going on in a timely manner unless it’s some sort of MAJOR happening that gets picked up by the news wires. Nothing on the Telegram or Sentinel (no duh) websites either. Now for the latter, even if they had a reporter helping to put out a fire, it wouldn’t make their website until tomorrow afternoon. It really isn’t reporting “news,” it’s reporting “olds”.

Anyhoo, apparently there were lots of trucks and at least one was from Devens. That is some serious mutual aid if they’re sending fire trucks from Devens. And yet, I know nothing. He didn’t go near it, he had to go home and put the new spool of string on the trimmer. They discontinued our trimmer, doncha know. And Amazon said it could take one to four weeks to ship a replacement pack to us. Holy jungle cruise, Batman! In 4 weeks we won’t be able to locate the dog if he stands near the fence!

So these are my two complaints of the day:

  • I want every single piece of information that might impact me in any way to be instantly available on the Internet. Every day, all day.
  • Aubachon Hardware – why the hell have you allowed squatters to own your domain? What the hell?! They cannot possibly have a claim to [DON’T CLICK IT!] Geez, what a stupid move! How the hell are people supposed to find you if they cannot type in the most logical domain name? That’s it, I’m having Mr. Dump call them to yell at them.

Taking Things Seriously

Taking Things Seriously, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

Yes, those are two birdy/shuttlecocks in that photo. At one point they were trying to have four going at the same time. You have to imagine it was dangerous being near those rackets.

I was smart enough to stand in the back with the camera, which gave me a reason to stay out of the line of fire of what amounted to 3 9 year olds and a 7 year old. Oh, and two grown-ups, one of them relatively insane although I promised Mr. Dump I wouldn’t mention his name unless I was telling everyone what fantastic form he has.


What Not To Do

I have decided to pass along some wise words of wisdom [modesty!] to all of you today. You can thank me later, by showering me with Nerds and other appropriate offerings. (The good offerings would be the ones that fit on the front of a Canon XTi, you know, to clarify.)

Let’s just say you’re me. Or someone like me. Or you, but you live in this area and drive to someplace south on 495. IF you leave the house and realize you have forgotten to put on deodorant, but then decide you can stop at Bolton Orchards because they sell some grocery items, be prepared to be offered one and only one type of deodorant. Oh, and it’s an icky roll-on, so if you put it on under your clothes, you can sit and worry that it will never dry and will put some sort of wet stains on your shirt. And then you can realize that it cost six dollars instead of the $2 you normally pay for your own brand when it’s on sale. And then you can be horrified to realize that your armpits smell like those gigantic lilies they put in flower arrangements that give me migraines. That’s right, I smell like an allergy-inducing floral arrangment today.

When I go to the baseball game tonight, bees are going to attack me for sure. It was nice knowing you.


When Renewal is Just Handed to You

I was thinking of not renewing my domain because I actually haven’t used it. I will admit, in trying to create the perfect site I sandblasted the WordPress templates and style sheets to bits, and then ended up with redirects not working properly, among other things.

It’s a mess.

I did have a lot of luck with the Nanowrimo blog I set up as a subdomain, so there’s always that. Anyway, the domain was up for renewal, and I just don’t have the cash to renew something that I’m not using, even if it was only $15. So I went to my hosting company to just back everything up and let it die of natural causes when I noticed that I had a $15 credit on my account. That’s right, they had credited me with $15 because someone out there knew who my host was and put my domain in the referrer field when they signed up for service. DUDE! Do you know how awesome it was to be able to renew the domain? And now I promise that I’m going to perform a “do over” on the site, and get something going over there, even if it’s mightily scaled back of what I had planned out last year.

So just as an FYI, if anyone is looking for ultra cheap yet very good hosting, I highly recommend PowWeb. And when you sign up, for goodness sake, you need to either give my name or “” (Not this site, which is under a different hosting company because I’m too damned lazy to actually move it over to another host, given there are years and years worth of files I’d have to worry about.) If I get another $15 referral fee, I’ll consider setting up another subdomain that we can all play with, a la the nano blog.


Look Back at My Childhood

Do you Hanker for a Hunka Cheese? Oh my gosh, look at the production values on this puppy! And yet, five billion years later, I still have this song memorized, and sometimes it leaks out of my ears. And stuff.

I found this via Huxtabled, which I found because C. Monks of Utter Wonder has a new blog called Dadsmacker, both on

Wow, that’s plenty of links for you for one day.


Worst News Story of the Year

I call this one even though there are plenty of months left in the year. Not for the squeamish. Then again, it’s right there on CNN, so go ahead and just try to avoid this one.

Icky Icky Spider Story (You have been warned)

I need to go have a lie-down.


ball field, 8:00am

ball field, 8:00am, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

8:00am. That’s early on a Saturday. Hell, it’s early on a Tuesday. Our team had the 8:00am practice slot today, so off we went, coffee in hand. It was much warmer than I’d expected, given how chilly it was during the game last night. It was actually a great morning to be outside playing baseball. I just wish 8:00 happened a little closer to 9:30am.

By the way, there’s a project called “24 Hours of Flickr” and anyone who wants can upload a picture that they took on 5/5/07. The Flickr people are going to look through all those photos (oy!) and put the best ones into a book. I am not nearly as good as half or more of the people using Flickr, but I’m getting better. This photo was my entry, because I was thinking to myself that baseball is a huge part of many people’s lives this time of year. And there’s something about seeing an empty ball field that just looks sad, somehow. Now I know that later in the morning, this was a bustling spot, but not at 8:00am.

My two backup photos, one of a glove and one of my flowering crab apple, are available on my Flickr page (click my name below).


First Week of May Snack Reviews

I know you’ve been waiting for these. You’ve probably been asking yourself “Hey Me, how do I know what to buy if Jody doesn’t provide me with her personalized snack reviews?”

I apologize. You’re right, I should have been more proactive about this.

Did I just say proactive? Man, I need to get out of the office more.

Okay, not a lot of items this week, but it should get you started.

Fritos Chili and Cheese Flavor – I thought I was going to hate them. I actually did not buy my own, I ate a few out of the bag my project manager bought [waves to PM]. My first reaction was “oh my God, this really tastes like chili!” They are VERY VERY SALTY. Which isn’t a negative, just a warning. They are addictive the way smokehouse almonds are. I can’t figure out why I can’t stop eating them, but there you go.

The cheesecake they sell at Hannaford in Marlboro – I’m pretty sure this is the dessert you get when you eat a meal in Heaven. I can recommend the one with raspberry swirled in and the one with strawberries on top. I didn’t try to chocolate one that was filled with oozing caramel, but just the sight of it made me happy inside. Once again, got to try these courtesy of the same project manager who said “It’s not a question of whether we need cheesecake or not, it’s how many cheesecakes we need.” (The answer is apparently 2.)

Nerd-Filled Gumballs – I have a gumball addiction. It’s a recent one, and I try to fight it, but it’s hard. I found this enormous gumballs filled with Nerds. Now normally, I don’t like mixing gum with anything else. I even have a problem with Blo-Pops. But these gumballs rock. And the flavor lasts a long time. I rate these 5 out of 5 cavities.