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ball field, 8:00am

ball field, 8:00am, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

8:00am. That’s early on a Saturday. Hell, it’s early on a Tuesday. Our team had the 8:00am practice slot today, so off we went, coffee in hand. It was much warmer than I’d expected, given how chilly it was during the game last night. It was actually a great morning to be outside playing baseball. I just wish 8:00 happened a little closer to 9:30am.

By the way, there’s a project called “24 Hours of Flickr” and anyone who wants can upload a picture that they took on 5/5/07. The Flickr people are going to look through all those photos (oy!) and put the best ones into a book. I am not nearly as good as half or more of the people using Flickr, but I’m getting better. This photo was my entry, because I was thinking to myself that baseball is a huge part of many people’s lives this time of year. And there’s something about seeing an empty ball field that just looks sad, somehow. Now I know that later in the morning, this was a bustling spot, but not at 8:00am.

My two backup photos, one of a glove and one of my flowering crab apple, are available on my Flickr page (click my name below).