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So This Is Why It’s So Expensive

There’s an article in today’s Telegram and Gazette that made me double check the date. Apparently Nestle Waters, the kind folks who deliver Poland Springs water right to my doorstep by the case, are looking at some aquifers in Clinton as a potential source for spring water. That’s right, I could be paying a premium for water coming from Clinton. I know, I know, Boston drinks Clinton water every day courtesy of the Wachusett Reservoir, but if you see a headline like “Clinton water may join Perrier” bells and sirens sort of go off. I’m just saying.

Of course, this news is offset with the news that Leominster water is not as good as it should be. There’s a byproduct of chlorinization called trihalomethanes that may cause an increase of cancer if they are consumed, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin. As in, you swim in it, get some steam up your nose when you’re cooking with it, or bath in it. Which we all do, or at least should. I’m not sure how to take this report. I’m not going to stop bathing, but this is not a comforting news story.


5 thoughts on “So This Is Why It’s So Expensive

  1. The water from the reservoir is terrible. As someone who lived in Clinton for a few years, it’s kind of a kick in the pants to realize that the town has been providing the awful water from the reservoir while sitting on designer-quality water elsewhere in town.

  2. Leominster water is nas-tay. When we went to Namco to buy our pool, they had some 8′ round displays out, and the water was bright green. The Namco dude told us it’s full of minerals, and the cholorine turns it green. Which would explain why that happened to us when we had the Easy-Set pool. I see a lot of Mineral Magnet in our future.

  3. Best thing I did was put a water filter on my house supply. Leominster h2o has gone downhill. 20+ years ago it was fine.
    Let’s ask Dean to pipe the good stuff up from Clinton… Jerry

  4. Rereading I see that nestle have taken over your water company.

    Would you believe that they are trying to persuade us to drink tap water now. Where will the plastic come from to make fleeces if we start using the tap?

  5. No, they haven’t taken over the water company, but they are looking to tap a private spring, and I have bottled water delivered…from Nestle Waters (Poland Springs).

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