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My Sweater is Itchy

I like the sweater I’m wearing today, but it’s itchy. I don’t know why, I guess the material is made out of fiberglass or something. I remember going to The Aunt(r)’s house and she had this big chairs outdoors that would really make your legs itch, especially if you were a kid all sweaty from running around her back yard. Apparently the itchy was because they were fiberglass. I don’t blame her for having itchy garden furniture, but what the hell was the manufacturer thinking? Didn’t they test them wearing shorts? Was my health ever in danger? Can these chairs be stored in the attic to provide insulation? (Okay, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have the chairs any more, but it paints a funny picture, doesn’t it?)

So this sweater is itchy but it was really cheap. I got it on the 70% off rack. But it wasn’t the “70% Off all Deadly/Itchy Sweaters” rack. At least not that I noticed.


3 thoughts on “My Sweater is Itchy

  1. I found I had to stay away from the “perfumey” type of soaps. Hannifords has some stuff in the organic side that I get. From Japan I think and made with goats milk or something. Does the trick for me, my daughter gets the bee and rose soap there too.
    Once you get a bit older, things are more itchy (except for u know what), lactose intolerance increases, have to eat allot of fiber, can’t see close up stuff with glasses on etc..
    No fun…. but hey just had some wisdom teeth out just in time to stay home sick for the sunny weather !!

  2. In light of the advice to eat a lot of fiber … never mind. You have a dog. Little dog hairs sticking out can cause tickling.

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