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Let’s Pretend It’s Spring Break for a Moment

Oh, wait, it is! Man oh man, my fellow Leominster to points-east commuters must have had fun with the 117 portion of the commute like I did. I am guessing that the entire town of Lancaster will be completely under water by tomorrow morning. I wish to God I’d had my camera…the new lake behind the big yellow Thayer Conservatory (or whatever it’s called now…I haven’t been there since my sister was about 11 years old) made my jaw drop.

The normal “avoid Bolton Flats” route was also closed due to flooding. That’s a bad sign. Looking at the alternate, alternate route, that one might be out by tomorrow. Goodbye Lancaster, it was nice knowing you.


6 thoughts on “Let’s Pretend It’s Spring Break for a Moment

  1. Yup. 117, Center Bridge Road, and Bolton Road were all out tonight around 8:30. Might as well just head through Clinton and say the hell with it.

  2. Funny I was thinking the same thing yesterday on my way home…that I’d be better off taking 62 through Clinton this morning, the traffic coming home was hectic to say the least.

  3. I knew there was going to be a problem when I saw Bartlett Pond GUSHING onto 117. I’ve been taking Route 2 in. Good times.

  4. It’s open…it was open last night and this morning. I don’t think this morning’s rain was enough to re-close it.

  5. It’s pretty standard fair for 117 to close once there is 4-5 inches of rain. enjoy the sun now !

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