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Commuting in the Fog

Commuter Fog 1, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

Hey, 117 pals, did you all have fun checking out the fog this morning? I had my Powershot in the car with me, and whipped it out in Bolton Flats. Any time I had to stop, I snapped a picture. I uploaded the five best ones to flickr (just use the link under this photo). I have to say, I would have been happy to just have one that I liked. To have five worthy of uploading…that was the prize for the day!

This makes up for yesterday. I got halfway to work before I realized that the dog was still in the car with me. Oh my God, when am I going to learn the benefits of owning a talking dog versus Mr. Silent?


6 thoughts on “Commuting in the Fog

  1. Gorgeous picture Jody! Nicely done!

    Fog is always compelling but I can never seem to get shots of it to come out the way I want.

    OTOH, I got some nice pictures of cherry blossoms the other day, so I’m presently content.

  2. Thanks! Some of the ones on Flickr (feel free to comment on them there if you have an account.) are heavily cropped. That’s one thing I’ve learned from my photography magazine subscription – the right cropping can turn an okay picture into a good one. Or a bad one into an okay one. That’s a good selling point for higher megapixel cameras – more crop options.

    So did you join Flickr so you can add your cherry blossom photos to my Leominster group?

  3. Humm, I wonder if that’s a cockapoo thing. A few weeks back we were at the folks house and Bailey got trapped in the bathroom when the door closed behind her. Took me a few minutes to find her since she wasn’t making any noise. When I open the door, she was just sitting there, staring at the door. Maybe willing it to open? 😉

  4. Nice pic, Jody. I didn’t really notice the fog this morning. I was just cursing the rain. We got some stone around the pool to help drainage, but I’m still concerned about the area around it turning into a mudbath.

    And yes, you can come over and swim. We’re going to have a big party when our yard gets put back together. Stay tuned.

  5. nice pics.. down in greenwich ct and last nite tried to get out and around and was fogged in. I do not travel 95 with 20 feet visibility..
    Although not sure how you leave the dog in the car, must be a quiet dog.

  6. I hope the fog means good weather afterwards. Poor doggy, he just wants to see what ‘work’is..

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