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CelebriAnt Death Match

Okay, I know you’re all sick to death of ant posts. Well, maybe some of you aren’t. So if you are, I promise, the next post I write will be about something else. But this one is not.

Mr. Dump called me with some very important information today. Apparently the ant supply company sent us more ants. More killer ants! It’s my dream package! Of course, I’m pretty sure that if we added them to the ant farm they would immediately start a turf war and then all the ants would be dead before morning. They are like that. So I have a few hours to figure out what to do with these things. No freaking way can I release them. That’s all I need, is a back yard full of harvester ants [waves to Dave G]. Anyone local to Leominster have an ant farm lacking ants? If you do, post here in the next couple of hours, otherwise, the poor suckers are probably going to have a burial at sea.


2 thoughts on “CelebriAnt Death Match

  1. Too bad! I have an ant farm and never bothered to get the ants for it, but Leominster is too far for me to go for ants. (I am in Saugus.) Oh well, I will continue to enjoy your ant farm vicariously.

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