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Where Are My Ants?

Not my pants. I have those. My ants. Well, Junior’s ants, really. We sent a check to the ant company so that we can let them loose in the Ant farm he got for Christmas. He’s dying to get the ants “up and running” but with the pesky lack of ants, it’s really much less fun and exciting than the box would lead you to believe.

I know other people have ant farm web cams, but I’m really tempted to do the same. Because I’ll just best most of you regulars aren’t out watching other people’s ant farms on webcams, are you?


5 thoughts on “Where Are My Ants?

  1. I’d tune in to watch your ant farm web cam. I find it soothing to watch others work while I do nothing but look.

  2. If I properly recall, the ant farm people will not ship ants in cold weather since the ants might freeze and die in transit. You are probably on a list waiting for the weather to become warmer. Check with the company’s web site to see if they have this policy.

  3. jody — anonymous stole my thunder. i guess i should check in more often. we had an antfarm when jess was 5 or 6 and she got it for christmas. a note came with the box saying basically that if you live in cold climes no ants would be shipped until the spring. the post office leaves a little box in your mailbox, and if it is antarctica freezing cold in your yard your ants will die.

    so we got our ants at the end of march or beginning of april, and the farm thrived until jess left the farm on a windowsill in august, and the ants all… broiled. the plastic made a little oven, and they all shriveled up and died.

    what was really sad was they all went to the same place to be together — a larger section of the two tiered system. it was like they were all trying to figure out what was going on and be together…

    made me think a lot about life for us two legged types.

    anyway — good luck with your farm. keep it in a good spot.

  4. Hi Jody — hubby wanted me to tell you that it’ll be worth the wait, since the ants they send are huge, mutant ants. I would definitely watch the lil’ buggers running around. And as Adrienne put it, it’s fun watching someone else work.

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