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Selling Myself to the Highest Bidder

I am on my own site a lot, and I tend to use my links to find stuff at Amazon because it’s right there. You know, I’m all about ease of use. What I realized is that Amazon dinged me on my commissions for all the times I clicked my own link to buy something. That’s not cool. Granted, in the old days, my readers used my links for EVERYTHING and one time I got a check for almost a hundred dollars. That certainly helped out with my hosting fees back in the day.

So instead of using that link when I’m buying stuff (and trust me, I buy a lot of stuff) I am looking to use someone else’s link to buy stuff. If you are an Amazon Associate, drop a comment with your link and I’ll check out your site. If you are already making money from advertising, be honest and mention that. I’ll share the love around, but I’d rather hit the little guys first, as I’m a little guy. I make ZERO money doing this, so I know what it’s like. And conversely, feel free to use my links when you are shopping. What are friends for?


2 thoughts on “Selling Myself to the Highest Bidder

  1. I’m an affiliate at and idea rodentbreak-20, I think. I’ve made purchases through you before just to give someone the affiliate credit. 🙂

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