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Full Day

I’m a teeny bit annoyed right now, because I didn’t get to use the camera at all today. This was not the most relaxing day, can I just complain about that. Some woman I don’t know was talking to me in the cafeteria yesterday, about how she’s just as busy on weekends as she is at work during the week. It’s just a different kind of busy. Today was a different kind of busy. We did grocery shopping, laundry, baseball tryouts, Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods errands, picked up dog poop in the yard, dishes, more laundry, get the house picked up a bit because Junior is having a sleep over tonight. Oh, ya, his first sleep over.

So I finally sat down to eat something (I had chicken breasts, chicken stock, canned mushrooms (shut up, they work better in the crock pot) and cream of ‘shroom soup in the crock pot all day. Served it over No Yolk egg noodles. It made me happy. The boys were eating something else and ended up asking for some of the chicken, and Junior even asked for seconds. I’m still stunned. But they are off playing Roller Coaster Tycoon and I’m finally sitting down at the computer. Ahhhh.

p.s. Baseball tryouts went great. I was terrified he’d be awful because he literally hasn’t touched a ball since last summer. He more than held his own in there, and I was SO happy. And hey, when he had me hold his glove during the batting part of tryouts, a kid hit two foul popups into the bleachers and I held out Michael’s glove to catch them. Everyone was actually cheering me the 2nd time it happened. In your FACE, other parents!


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  1. Are you ironing today? (Sunday)

    Are you entering the super mom contest that no one has told us about?

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