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Wednesday Is Idol Day

I actually forced myself to sit through last night’s American Idol. I am hoping that the reason everyone was so lame is because they were so completely overwhelmed by being in the final 24. I’m hoping.

I’m a huge huge fan of Chris Sligh, though. Enough that for the first time since Idol debuted, I actually called in and voted in an early round. He’s great, his personality is great. I want to hang around with him. Don’t you think he’d be fun to take bowling?

Tonight the girls are on. I pray they are better than the guys, because if they aren’t, that’s 4 hours of my life I’m not going to get back. Well, 2.5 because have a Tivo.


One thought on “Wednesday Is Idol Day

  1. I finally watched Idol last night. Sligh is good, and very quirky. There really isn’t a standout for me, other than him. Sanjaya and Jared were the worst.

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