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Phantom’s Phormal Photo

phantomjan07, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

The other day I was playing with the new camera, trying out some of the settings. This was actually not taken in B&W originally, I did it in Paint Shop Pro just to see what it would look like. I kind of like it. No retouching but I wish I’d moved the chair from the background.

On the other hand, anyone who has had to photograph a small kid or an animal knows you don’t stop to fix the background.


9 thoughts on “Phantom’s Phormal Photo

  1. Such a cute picture. How in the world did you get him to sit still for that? My dog runs when she sees the camera.

  2. Thanks all! You know, if you take enough pictures in a row, the dog loses interest. I’m not sure what he was looking at exactly, but I can tell you that Junior got a mouthpiece for the trumpet donated by T.O.M. for his musical future and Junior was giving it his best effort. The dog was FREAKING OUT about the noise. I’m pretty sure in this one he was standing guard to make sure the noise stayed in the house and not out on the deck.

  3. Very cute. Did you send a video in to America’s Funniest w/Phantom in the snow? I swear there was a video of a dog that looked just like him in the “snow shot” you had.

  4. Nice job!!.. Sometimes you just have to experiment and see how it goes.. At least today you don’t burn up film anymore.. I was listening to 60s XM radio and they were playing promo’s from WMEX Boston from around late 1964. One of the commercials was for Sylvania blue dot flash bulbs.. I had to stop and think a minute, what is a flash bulb ? haha ..

  5. I remember BUYING those Sylvania Blue Dot bulbs! My dad’s old camera had a flash that used them…the back of the flash was sort of a metal fan thing. I should try to find a picture, but anyway, it looked like the flash they might have used in a 40’s movie. Those bulbs were hot! No rapid back-to-back shots with those.

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