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No power

My little portion of Leominster is without power…it's been out for
about half an hour or so. Glad we didn't start a load of laundry. Of
course, because our power lines are underground, Junior hasn't
experienced too many power outages in his lifetime, so he's still busy
discovering all the things that don't work right now.

My laptop has power but no internet connection. We may have enough power
charged in the portable DVD player to watch a movie later…I'll save
that for later.

From our house we can see lights in a different neighborhood, which is
annoying. I'd drive over to my mom's but the temperature is dropping and
I don't want to be out if the roads freeze up.

Mr. Dump is off getting a pizza because we realized we don't really have
anything we can cook over the fire. That may not stop me from trying,

I'm off to see what I can use to heat water in the fireplace so I can
have some tea…


6 thoughts on “No power

  1. Heard the north end of town was out for a couple of hours. Was that you ? I put a UPS on the cable modem and router, maybe I am thinking too optimistically ? Since we got a UPS, the first time the power went out, son was sleeping near it and shut it off – sick of the beeping.

  2. Hope your power was not out too long, it was a cold night. I am dreading tomorrow’s arctic blast.

    How cool is it that with the power out you were still able to blog? (But making tea in the fireplace is very Little House on the Prairie!)

  3. Hey Beth!

    Jody, A couple years ago when we had that awful hurricane season, we frequently lost our power. My mom, who lives just a few blocks away, had just whipped up a batch of cookie dough when they lost their power. Since the outdoor grill was already fired up to cook lunch (our power was out as well), I told her to bring it on over. Those were the best chocolate chip cookies my kids ever ate. As a mom, I think we learn to be resourceful. Hope everthing is back to normal for you.

  4. if your phone works and you have DSL or even dialup and a computer battery, you can use the web and/or send an email.

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