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Aw, man, I went to the BDT archives to see what I was writing about at this time 9 years ago. The thing is, 9 years ago it wasn’t a daily update, because everything had to be coded by hand and then uploaded via FTP, so I used to kind of do everything in an “issue” type setup. And there wasn’t anything posted between Dec 26 of 97 and Jan 26th 98. Big bummer. I had another “site” I was running simultaneously, Mookie’s Driver Training Page, or something like that. That’s where all the Mookie news went. Mookie being Junior, by the way. Mookie was his in-vitro name, which we actually stopped calling him as soon as he was born, but it stuck on the website for a while. See, he was born 9 years ago tomorrow. I went into the hospital at about 6pm 9 years ago today to have my water broken. As I said to him this morning, “Hey, it’s Applebees night! We have to go to Applebees and stare up at Leominster Hospital and think “Oh my God, I’m going in there and I’m going to leave with an extra person” because that’s what Mr. Dump and I did that afternoon after my doctor said I’d gone long enough with my blood pressure slowly rising. My due date was the 7th, so there was no problem inducing. Well, you know, that and the fact that he was 8 pounds 12 ounces(!!) a fact I was blissfully unaware of until the maternity nurse said “Wow, you’re all baby.” “What?” “You’ve got a big baby in there.”

How did I get to that point with nobody telling me he was big?

He’s still big, and getting bigger, for the record. Still my baby, but still up at the top of the charts. Happy birthday, Mookie!

I did skip forward a couple of issues and present you this “best of” entry from Feb 1998:

User Name Suggestions

I was signing up for a site on the web that required a user name (so that I could post messages and it could keep track of me) the other day. I know that the odds of me being the only “Jody” on this service were slim to none, but I entered it anyway. I got the following Java Alert message:”Username Jody not available, here are some suggestions. KILLER SCHAEFERD HUMAYUN KENNICUTTA ANDREASEK KUTCHERA

I’m not sure what those have to do with “Jody”, and I especially like the option “Killer” but I didn’t take any of their obviously well thought out suggestions. I went with “Jodyl


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