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Ahh, Screw It

Stupid Fenway tickets. Stupid waiting rooms and sold out games. Stupid not ever being able to take Junior to a Red Sox game yet, and he’s nine.

So you know what? We picked up 3 tickets to a Sox/Orioles game IN Baltimore for September. Got onto their site, picked the game (9/8)…bing bang boom, done. So that’s going to be a mini-vacation for us. I am going to find a fancy-pants hotel with a fantastic view, and I will get to enjoy a game in one of the parks I have ALWAYS wanted to visit. I am actually far more excited about this than I would be if I picked up 3 tickets for a home game.

If the step-kids are reading, sorry we didn’t get 5 tickets. I’ll have to owe you one…

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Best Worst Novel Ever

Just in time for Jody Day, I got a package in the mail. I could not rip the package open fast enough, I tell you. Inside was the most glorious site ever. EVER. My novel, in book form. Oh my Lord in heaven, I just held it and giggled, because it was a real, live book. A crappy book, let’s be clear, but I was holding a perfectly wonderful trade paperback version of my Nano Novel. The Candy Pooping Moose, with my name right there on the cover.

I wish I’d taken more time doing the PDF because I was missing a title page and some other stuff, but as I mentioned before, I uploaded it to the day before the deadline for the free copy. So I stupidly left out the title page, and other important bookly stuff. But that doesn’t matter much because I’m not selling copies, only one exists and it’s mine.

I started to read parts of it and found that in places, it is tremendously amusing. Maybe I’m not completely talentless. So now I’m thinking I’ll attempt to clean it up some, maybe more than some, and make it available to you, my adoring public. I mean, what the hell, right? But it won’t be any time soon, as out of the 50,000 words of the novel, only 30,000 of them are actually usable, and as I mentioned before, it doesn’t have an ending.

Keep poking me with a stick and I’ll see what I can do.

Jody, author

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One More Day at *Mumble*

Okay, I should be honest. You can search the archives and determine my age. I’ll be 42 on Saturday. I know that means some of you will stop reading my site because you thought I was some hot chick or something. I’m not. Mentally, sure, but that’s about it. I’m a 42 year old mom. Well, I will be. Today, I’m just a 41 year old mom. Same for tomorrow. After that, 42.

I’m trying to not think about it. I don’t want to get old. So let’s agree, between you and me, that I’m only 25.

Thanks, you’re the best.

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I’m Going to Possess the Worst Novel In Print!

I got the note that my Nano Novel, The Candy Pooping Moose, met the qualifications for free printing at (The qualifications were that it was a Nanowrimo novel, that you “won”, and that you submit the novel before Jan 16th.)

I wasn’t going to do it because the novel stinks, and I haven’t edited it or finished it, but then I got to thinking…”You know, a free copy of the icky novel might be a fun thing to have.” So I uploaded a .pdf of the danged thing. I look at this as a way of checking the quality of the stuff Lulu does…if it is professional enough, I may try to pull together a real book (probably non-fiction, though, as the whole finishing a novel thing seems to be beyond me) and publish it properly. As in, make sure it has an isbn number, a title page, actual chapters, etc. Maybe have someone proofread it first.

Of course, I waited until the deadline to submit my .pdf so I just used stock cover art available at I would have liked to use a picture of a moose, but I didn’t want to have to go through the trouble of finding one to buy at a site like, and then lay out the cover myself and upload it. If I had to do all that, I would have never gotten a free copy of my book.

For the record, it looks like the cost to buy extra copies is less than $8. So if any of you have a little something you want to see professionally printed and bound, you may want to consider lulu.*

*Note: I have not done thorough research on whether or not writing groups/websites have evaluated them to determine whether or not they are fair to writers. I wasn’t as worried with something like a draft of a Nano novel as I would be with a “real” book that I planned to try to sell to the universe. Nothing jumped out at me (you know, like those sites where without you reading a ton of fine print, never upfront tell you they “own” the content the minute you upload it.) So use at your own discretion.

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No power

My little portion of Leominster is without power…it's been out for
about half an hour or so. Glad we didn't start a load of laundry. Of
course, because our power lines are underground, Junior hasn't
experienced too many power outages in his lifetime, so he's still busy
discovering all the things that don't work right now.

My laptop has power but no internet connection. We may have enough power
charged in the portable DVD player to watch a movie later…I'll save
that for later.

From our house we can see lights in a different neighborhood, which is
annoying. I'd drive over to my mom's but the temperature is dropping and
I don't want to be out if the roads freeze up.

Mr. Dump is off getting a pizza because we realized we don't really have
anything we can cook over the fire. That may not stop me from trying,

I'm off to see what I can use to heat water in the fireplace so I can
have some tea…