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The Windshield Pool

[12/31 Update: We have a winner!]

Okay, today I got spider crack number three in the old windshield. Route 495 hasn’t been very good to me, I have to say. So there are two together up near the top, and this new one is about 2/3 of the way down, over toward the passenger side.

I do not have great hope of the windshield lasting like this forever, so we will start a pool. The options available in the pool are
a) The windshield will implode on [date]
b) You will get a 4th crack on [date]

If B causes A, we all win!

You can enter your guess in the comments. The person closest to the actual date something happens will win a fabulous prize of my choosing. And I also choose how to define “fabulous”. It’s free for all to enter, so have at it!

[Edited: Unless you read here regularly, you may want to provide your email address with your guess so I can reach you if you win…]


7 thoughts on “The Windshield Pool

  1. you know, in Massachusetts your auto insurance will pay for a replacement windshield…I think the law requires a zero deductible.

  2. Well, T.O.M., are you trying to jinx me? (No changes yet!)

    Yes, I think they will pay for one, but only one. I figure I should hold out if I’m going to keep getting pinged with rocks, especially now that it’s “road sanding” season.

  3. The cracks have to be a certain size and location in order for the insurance to pay now a days. Basically if it’s bad enough to flunk inspection, they will change it. Most likely you will get a 4th or more and it will be bad enough to be completely annoying to you driving it but not bad enough for insurance to pay for it. I have had 3 flats this year (now cost me over $500 in tires due to destruction) and 3 windshield dings, 2 on 495. I suspect last year to save money they put down sand laced with small rocks on 495..or some hwy person has a relative in the glass business. Jerry

  4. Sweet baby Jesus, you guys jinxed me! I got ding 4! I will follow up with a post. And now I have to get a prize!

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