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More Housekeeping

Okay, I cleaned up some of the code in the right-hand column. I need to do more, but I’m tired. I just love being sick! Junior, who will be 9 in 3 weeks, is watching Toddler Television. So far he’s watched Elmo’s World, Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine. I’m not complaining, because other than Elmo, the voices and music are not jarring. I can completely tune it out, which I can’t do if he’s watching something more frantic like Pokemon.

I went onto Amazon to browse through some stuff – it’s just as much fun as going to the mall, and for some reason, I’m less likely to spend money. I put stuff in my cart and on my wishlist, and that makes me happy.

I have decided that I want to start collecting the North Pole Series of the Department 56 Christmas houses. I am really mad at myself for not starting that series a couple of years ago, when there were a couple of houses that I’m still obsessing about the Lego factory and the Play-doh factory are two of them. I just added a bunch of houses to my “If you loved me” wishlist, which I link to over on the right. You don’t have to buy me anything, but feel free to go look at how cute these houses are! The two I liked the most are out of stock anyway. One I couldn’t even add if I wanted to. The other was already on my list before it ran out, which is why it’s still there.

You guys need to promise me that if you have any of these houses and you decide to liquidate your collection, you will give me first shot at them, okay? Thank you, you are good people.


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  1. Hey Jody! While driving down lovely Rt. 128 on the way to the Burlington Mall this morning I got stuck behind a real life Big Dump Truck and as I got pelted with pebbles all I could think of was you!

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