3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Eve

  1. Merry Christmas morning… My teenagers are sleeping until about noon, so wife and I are staring at each other.. she will not open things until kids are up.

    I will admit to overdoing it at Chopsticks last nite. Denny’s was closed. What is this world coming to ? Denny’s supposed to be 24/7 ! Dippin was open this morning, ladies working there were happy to come in for the big tips. All the Dunkins are closed..

  2. I have a Dunkin in front of me even as we speak, my second of the day, thanks to Santa bringing Mr. Dump a gift card. Apparently they are only open 7 to 2…

    Junior was up at 5:50 this morning. Ugh. But everyone is happily amused for the morning!

  3. By the PM we were desperate and into Sunoco coffee which actually wasn’t too bad.
    I went by CVS and El Camino and both were open believe it or not. Hate to see them open, folks should get a day off for a change.

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